Conversations with the little guy...

I can honestly say that I know without a doubt that I will miss the sayings & words being mispronounced from my little man, it just melts my heart....and most of all makes me crack up!

Michael and I play a silly game where I will say "I know a little guy who does/has/likes to...... and its always him ....We're playing this the other day in his room and this is how it goes~
Me: I know a little guy who likes soccer and loves making cookies with his nanny & has a grandpa named "papaT"....
Michael: ( interrupting me) its michael!!! Its me!!
Michael: I know this Old lady with Old Lady breath.....and its YOU MOM...its you!!!
Me: Laugh really hard, then off to brush my teeth and buy some wrinkle cream.

Michael wakes up from a nap and he asks for a snack. He picks a yogurt and I go to grab him a spoon then hand it to him.
Michael: "MOM!! Thank you! You are such a good girl, good girl mom. you may have 1 tooshie roll"
Me: "why thank you, you mean tootsie roll"
Michael: "no mama its tooshie roll, see like this..." as he's shaking his tooshie like no body's business! pictures & no regrets that laugh was totally worth it.

We're eating dinner the other night:
Adam:Michael you need to finish your vegetables so your body can grow big and strong.
Michael: " Nah, My am really pretty big, Im gonna give my tummy a rest and eat 'em on thursday."

The Funny starters continue:
"mom, can I have a horse?"
"can I build a boat?"
"mom, we're late its 20:40 o'clock!"
"rock on"
" mom, have you seen my surf-board?"
" lets go dig."
"have you seen robot?"
" I had a dream about...."
"Can I get a dinosaur?"
"my am gonna buy a rocket!"
" I think I need gum."
"can I cut your hair mom?"
" have you seen my blanket?"

What's up with LIttle boys and Little scars??!!

This was busted chin a 2 month period. The first one was from the concrete ( trying to dive in the pool like daddy & missing the pool altogether...) the 2nd one was from swinging/climbing in the bathtub and slipping and falling down.
Sweet boy has the war wounds to prove that he's "all boy" the marks on his chin are back to back. poor thing.

Little Man

My little man is just growing up so fast and I LOVE just talking with him ....dont kids just crack YOU up??? here are some of our recent conversations ....enjoy!

Michael: " are my favorite mom My has ever had"
Me: thank you? { under my breath} I'm pretty sure Im the only mom you've ever had"
michael: "nuh-uh, yesterday my had a giant robot mom"

Its 5am and I wake up & Im nose to nose with my little guy who is ready for a joke or 2.
Michael: " KNock Knock"
Me: what's wrong baby??? its 5am!!!
Michael: " mom, I said knock knock"
me: "um..OK? ..whose there??"
Michael: {laughing LOUDLY} "Its michael Geoffrey Smead....and My want some millllkkkkk!"
me: Groan......

I just gave michael a small package of fruit snacks ( which by the way...have no fruit...they should be called Sugar snacks but whatever) and this is what followed.
Michael: "thanks mom...can robot have one?" { can you tell he's into robots??}
Me: " um sure but why dont you finish yours first "
Michael: "oooookkkkay "
** I go to the restroom and then come back to see him standing on a chair with the package of fruit snacks*
Me: "what are you doing Mr.?"
Michael:" Robot made me get up here, but dont you worry mom, I put him in time-out and my gonna eat his snack up...."

Lately this is how the beginning of his stories start:
"when I was a Robot....."
"When I was at my parents house ....."
"Yesterday when I was really little...."
" NO, my name is Giant Michael Geoffrey Smead..."
"Hey, you wanna sword fight?"
"Hey , you wanna wrestle?"
" Hey mom look at my muscles...."
" Man my Big toe is so strong..."
"Mary had a little LAMP...Little LAMP..."

New Name ....

You Like it?? Not that I'm taking away from talking about my sweet family but I figured because I'm the one doing the blogging, it wouldn't hurt to talk about crafts, my business,my walk with the Lord, life's challenges and Of course the most awesome-ist family in the world! Im a work in progress... Whew, praise the Lord for that!

~I recently attended a Beth moore conference & had such a blast! I mean I only took 10 pages of notes .....front and back! funny huh? God had so much to say through truly was a sweet time. Here are a few things :

1} I am an heir of God. My life is NOT left to chance
2}I am an heir of God. Iam inheriting a kingdom.- Daniel 7:18
3} I am an heir of God. He is my portion and I am His. Duet.10:8-9
4}I am an heir of God. The Down payment has been made.
5} I am an heir of God. My boundary lines form a pleasing place. Psalm 16
6} I am an heir of God. I can be secure.
8} I am an heir of God. I have a Beautiful Inheritance.

*Lord, lead us daily into your presence and empower us to do the impossible for your Glory and only for your Glory! .....I said to the Lord "YOu are my LOrd apart from you I have no good thing." Psalm 16:2

Here is adam and michael on one of those spinning -make me vomit if I watch it long enough - kiddie rides. They had so much fun, my husband is such a trooper!

Im certain that we told michael " thats a 200 +year old cannon, lets not climb on it" but somehow, someway my 3year old hears " IT'S A ROCKET......GET ON AND HANG TIGHT!"

Here we are at The Alamo. My family LOVES historical sights, what made it even was FREE! Im pretty sure the only other thing on the trip that was free was that "bar soap" from the hotel, and who likes that?
Top picture: my brother aaron and my sis-n-law micki
bottom: my son trying to do the same, I love that kid!

A Sea Lion and a man in tights.... How can that NOT be funny??It was hilarious
We loved this show and it's so cool what these animals can do.
( ok ok the man in tights was pretty good too)

~Feeding the Sea Lions~

This show was called "viva" and it was amazing! The Dolphins and their trainers were all over the place......Im so glad God called them to do that and not me! ha
Shamu@ Sea World/ San Antonio
We all had a blast!
Michael doing what he does best....being ALL BOY!!

Because You're you!

Tonight I was laying with michael reading some books in his bed. We were cuddled under the covers with a dinosaur flashlight and his blanket . Everytime I would finish a book michael would follow with..." and how 'bout 'nother one, mom, pwetty pwease?" It was on the third rendition of "Old bear" that michael interupted and said "shhh, my need to tell you somethin'" then he bright-lighted me with the flash-light & said.... "you sure are pwetty, but my love you 'cuz you're my momma." Man I love that little guy!! My mom is right ( yet again) moments like these make those crazy 3 yr.old moments seem so so distant.
Something to think about ~
I read this in my devotion time today & wanted to share.
God is making a way, but must become students of his character and lovers of his presence. I fully believe this statement I once heard: " God does not reveal himself to the casual observer, but only to the passionate pursuer." May we become passionate in the pursuit of his presence and his voice. Have you told the Lord today how much you love him?
"The Lord your God is with you; the mighty One will save you. He will rejoice over you. You will rest in His love; he will sing and be joyful about you." Zephaniah 3:17 Isn't God Good?

To catch you up a bit.............

Adam- still working for the city of North Richland HIlls , teaching youth on Wednesday nights, being an awesome dad and husband......oh and of course, being silly!

Sarah-Loving being able to stay at home with Michael for this sweet season of his life.
still working at the church part-time, and hoping to start working at a mothers day out soon ( where Michael would be attending 2 days a week....we're still praying on that)

Michael- we cant keep up! This boy is growing way too fast! He has such a personality and is just hilarious! He definitely keeps me on my say the least!

The next "Crocodile Hunter"

Here he is "putting his arm around the animals".....too cute!

At the Zoo

Here's michael with Aaron ( my brother) A.k.A "Unca Bubba" on his college graduation day! YOU GO BOY! and in case you're wondering ......No, he really does'nt smile like that~ha