Conversations with the little guy...

I can honestly say that I know without a doubt that I will miss the sayings & words being mispronounced from my little man, it just melts my heart....and most of all makes me crack up!

Michael and I play a silly game where I will say "I know a little guy who does/has/likes to...... and its always him ....We're playing this the other day in his room and this is how it goes~
Me: I know a little guy who likes soccer and loves making cookies with his nanny & has a grandpa named "papaT"....
Michael: ( interrupting me) its michael!!! Its me!!
Michael: I know this Old lady with Old Lady breath.....and its YOU MOM...its you!!!
Me: Laugh really hard, then off to brush my teeth and buy some wrinkle cream.

Michael wakes up from a nap and he asks for a snack. He picks a yogurt and I go to grab him a spoon then hand it to him.
Michael: "MOM!! Thank you! You are such a good girl, good girl mom. you may have 1 tooshie roll"
Me: "why thank you, you mean tootsie roll"
Michael: "no mama its tooshie roll, see like this..." as he's shaking his tooshie like no body's business! pictures & no regrets that laugh was totally worth it.

We're eating dinner the other night:
Adam:Michael you need to finish your vegetables so your body can grow big and strong.
Michael: " Nah, My am really pretty big, Im gonna give my tummy a rest and eat 'em on thursday."

The Funny starters continue:
"mom, can I have a horse?"
"can I build a boat?"
"mom, we're late its 20:40 o'clock!"
"rock on"
" mom, have you seen my surf-board?"
" lets go dig."
"have you seen robot?"
" I had a dream about...."
"Can I get a dinosaur?"
"my am gonna buy a rocket!"
" I think I need gum."
"can I cut your hair mom?"
" have you seen my blanket?"

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